Our Philosophy

As a Chinese immersion school, we are dedicated to exposing our
children to the richness of Chinese culture and traditions while
respecting the diversity of our families.

  • We believe that our children benefit from a strong relationship between family
    and school. Our program is based on the spirit of “community” where children,
    parents and staff feel a strong sense of partnership and belonging.

  • We recognize the unique qualities of individual children and feel that children
    learn best by being active, experiential learners. We provide a rich environment
    where children have the opportunity for discovery and growth. As a play-based
    program, we encourage the love of learning and the development of an inquisitive

  • We believe that children deserve to grow at their own rate in a warm, nurturing
    and supportive environment.

Lingli School families represent the brilliant diversity of the Bay Area. We welcome all
children, regardless of religion, race, ability or cultural background, to experience our exciting,
nurturing program. By creating a classroom environment that allows for open-ended learning
and discovery, we give children the opportunities to express themselves and understand their
world. We also believe that learning is a cooperative venture which includes other children,
their teachers, their families and our larger community. With our ECE programs, children are
engaged in a play-based, emergent curriculum that integrates literacy, math, social studies,
science, art, motor development, social skills, and Chinese traditions and values into all parts
of the child’s day.
951 Dale Ave
Mountain View, CA 94040
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